What Could Be Present in Your Drinking Water + How to Remove It

We all want to keep our families safe, safe from harm, danger, and sickness, but what do we do when the danger could be right in our home? Even worse, what do we do when the danger is in our drinking water?

Your old fridge filter could be a hazard for you and your family. If your main source of drinking water is from your fridge filter, this article is for you.

It’s important to know the common water contaminants and be able to identify when to start shopping for new refrigerator water filters. We’ve included a list of some common water contaminants that can develop when you don’t change your fridge water filter and some information on where and how to find fridge filters in Australia.


Every year, millions of people become sick from waterborne illnesses. Contaminated water can be a result of many different things, things we sometimes have no control over, but one of the things we can control is our home drinking water supply.

Several thousand households across Australia have refrigerators that come with filters and require a fridge filter cartridge. If your refrigerator does not come equipped with a filter, you may want to consider purchasing one that does. Having unfiltered water in your home could expose your family to unwanted contaminants.

Unfiltered water is susceptible to heavy metals and harmful compounds. If your water is unfiltered you could be consuming these harmful substances unknowingly. Consuming these inorganic compounds could make you sick or have harmful effects on your body over time.


Being aware of the common contaminants in refrigerator water will help you to understand the importance of purchasing a refrigerator water filter and changing it regularly. Changing your refrigerator water filter helps to avoid the buildup of contaminants in the filter. If you’re not sure if your refrigerator filter needs to be changed, consider keeping an eye for the following factors:


Contaminated water may have a slightly strange taste or an odd odour. This could be from excessive chlorine contaminants in the water. Chlorine is commonly used as a disinfectant during water treatment but a refrigerator water filter can reduce the chlorine particles in your water supply.


In some extreme cases a contaminated water supply will show signs of cloudiness or particles in the water. This could be a result of heavy metals and chemicals like lead and other industrial contaminants in the water supplies. Heavy metal contaminants may cause high toxicity levels in the water supply which could ultimately be dangerous to you and your family.

It’s been a while since you last changed your refrigerator filter: When was the last time you changed your refrigerator water filter? Most filter manufacturers recommend changing the filter every 6 months, but this may vary based on how often you use your filter and your personal preference. Some people decide to clean their filters to make them last longer, this method does work, but eventually, all filters that are used regularly should be changed. Use your own discretion when deciding when to choose your filter, but remember that a contaminated filter could be very dangerous to you and your family.

There are many contaminants that could be present in your drinking water. Some of these contaminants are unable to be seen with the naked eye, and maybe even do not affect the taste of your drinking water, however, they can have an effect on your health and wellbeing. These contaminants can include Asbestos, Atrazine, Benzene, Carbofuran, Chlorine, Cysts, Fluoride, Lead, Lindane, Mercury, particulates, and sediment. The most common contaminants that are found within Australian water supplies are cysts, Lead, and Mercury. Below is a quick overview of these contaminants, with suggestions as to which water filters you can use to remove them.


A cyst is a one-cell organism in an early stage of development; a parasite that is known to be resistant to chlorine and other disinfectants. In comparison to bacteria and viruses, cysts are quite large (ranging from 7-10 microns in diameter), and can, therefore, be more easily removed by installing a water filter. The most common cysts found in Australian water supplies are Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Cysts can be spread from person to person and can cause a variety of stomach and intestinal issues which can range from mild to server. These can include diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, weight loss, and dehydration.

One of the most reliable ways to remove cysts from your drinking water is through an activated carbon filter. We recommend using the following water filters for your fridge: UKF8001, UKF8001AXX-2, 12527304, WF2CB,MWF, MWF-2, DA29-00012A, GSWF, LT700P, LT700P-2, UKF7003AXX, UKF7003AXX-2, 836848 (FPEXT), FPEXT-2, 5231JA2006A/B, 5231JA2006A-2, DA29-00003F/G, DA29-00003G-2, M7251253FR-06, M7251253FR-06-2.


Lead is a toxic metal and an element which has been used in paint, glassware, and metal pipes. Odourless and colourless, lead can go undetected in water supply, and can pose a serious health threat to humans if consumed. For adults, excessive exposure to lead increases their risk of developing cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and memory problems. In children, exposure to lead can cause premature birth, seizures, hearing loss, and brain damage.

Drinking water is one of the most common possible routes to lead exposure; however, it is also quite easy to reduce your risk of contamination.

The following water filters reduce up to 99% of the lead that may be present in your water supply or plumbing system: UKF8001, UKF8001AXX-2, 12527304, WF2CB,MWF, MWF-2, GSWF, LT700P, LT700P-2, UKF7003AXX, DA29-00003F/G, DA29-00003G-2, DA29-00012A, 836848 (FPEXT), FPEXT-2, 5231JA2006A/B, 5231JA2006A-2, M7251253FR-06, M7251253FR-06-2.


Mercury is a naturally occurring metallic metal which poses potential health threats to humans if consumed. The toxic metal can sweep into water supplied from improperly discarded batteries, as runoff from farmland, dumped by factories, or from natural deposits. High levels of mercury can cause brain damage, kidney failure, and can severely damage a developing fetus. To make sure that mercury is removed your water supply we recommend the following water filters for your fridge: UKF8001, UKF8001AXX-2, 12527304, WF2CB,MWF, MWF-2, GSWF, LT700P, LT700P-2, UKF7003AXX, DA29-00003F/G, DA29-00003G-2, DA29-00012A, 836848 (FPEXT), FPEXT-2, 5231JA2006A/B, 5231JA2006A-2, M7251253FR-06, M7251253FR-06-2.


Contaminants in water can be a major problem, but if you stay on top of it you can maintain a clean drinking supply in your home. Purchasing fridge filters online is very easy, and identifying which filter to get could be easy too. Most recommended brand-name refrigerators are paired with the matching brand filter. For example, If you have a Samsung refrigerator it’s recommended you purchase Samsung fridge Filters, and a Raindance refrigerator is paired with the Raindance water filters.

All water filters have their specialties, pros, and cons, choosing the right water filter really depends on what's best for your home and your personal preference. Some popular water filters options are the Samsung fridge filter, Everpure water filter, LG fridge filter, and AquaPure water filter. The filters are identified by name and number, for example, if you have a Westinghouse fridge you may be shopping for the Westinghouse whe7074sa, and Samsung fridge owners may be shopping for the Samsung da29 00020b.

Choosing the water filter for a fridge is a simple process if you go by the brand name, purchasing a brand name filter will also help to guarantee the quality of the filter. Choosing a fridge filter in Australia may seem like a daunting task, but it could stop you and your family from being exposed to contaminants and unwanted chemicals. Also consider a fluoride water filter in order to filter fluoride.

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